If you are interested in archaeological tourism, in Extremadura there is a large number of places where the traces from Roman times are just on our doorstep. All at roughly an hour’s drive from Trujillo.

Of course Mérida is best known, but closer to Trujillo is Medellín, where a reasonably well-preserved theater can be found, located next to an equally impressive medieval fortress. In addition, the Roman bridge over the Guadiana is still used for car traffic.

At the border with Portugal, in Alcántara, you can also find an impressive Roman bridge over the Tagus. Also still in use and it is really a sensation to be able to drive over it.

And near Plasencia are the remains of the Roman settlement Cáparra.

Below you will  find some pictures of the highlights, but for a complete overview here is a link to a (digital) publication with all archaeological sites in Extremadura, from prehistoric times. Unfortunately, all 265 pages are in Spanish.


Alcántara Roman Bridge




Medellín roman theatre
Medellín Roman bridge