Brief privacy statement

Our website address is: //

The owner of th ewebsite is GUIRITANO S.L. and the administrator is Herman Rienstra, to be reached by mail at or by phone at +34 927 320 842.

We don’t collect any data, nor will we use data supplied to us by e-mail or phone for future marketing purposes on our behalf. Furthermore, we don’t use any specific software to handle and analyze data by any means. We don’t share data with any third party.

If you decide to make a reservation, your contact details will be saved in our agenda, but will not be used for any future marketing purposes or shared with others. But we will give you a call or send you an e-mail about any incident with an existing (upcoming) reservation, or if you left any personal objects on our premises.

All this, because we hate to see our data (ab)used and we won’t do what we don’t like to happen to us.

Unfortunately the Home Office has given us the obligation to submit your passport data to the Guardia Cicil via an automated database. We never make any copies of your passport or identity card, but we do use a digital application to fill out an electronic form by scanning the code lines, saving you the effort to fill out the form yourself.